Tips to Raise Your Zoom Room Game From The Novogratz

May 21, 2020 • NOW//with

Okay, so the “Zoom room” is officially a thing. We’re all spending more time than ever in our work-from-home spaces, whether that’s an office, bedroom or at a dining room table. Chances are, it could use a little love—not to mention better lighting (as we all know when it comes to Zoom,  lighting is everything, dahling). Luckily, we spent some time with the Novogratz’s, a husband and wife design team that are experts at solving decorating dilemmas. They’re big believers that you can transform a space with just a few clever changes and thoughtful additions (thank God, because we’re pretty sure home renovations are not high on your to-do list right now).  Here are their must-haves for taking your room from Zoom to va-va-voom. 

Bob and Cortney were ahead of their time when they wrote their latest book Novogratz Design Fix: Chic and Stylish Tips for Every Decorating Scenario (link below!) where they offer up in-depth advice and guidelines for a multitude of design and decorating situations using over a dozen projects as examples: how to restore an old home and bring it back to life; how to turn a generic rental into a personality-filled space; how to use bold color to transform your home; how to decorate for small spaces; how to create spaces for kids, from bedrooms to playrooms; how to incorporate art in your home; and how to turn your house into an attractive Airbnb rental, among many other design-dilemma topics.

With DESIGN FIX, the design duo will have you solving any design dilemma that you may encounter with stunning  end  results.  The  book  is  the  ideal  resource  as  you  ponder  your  spring  and  summer  home renovation projects. 

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