The Six Products Macy Gray Swears By To Live Her Best Quarantine Life

May 7, 2020 • NOW//with

After years of touring and professional photo shoots, Macy’s definitely learned a thing or two about giving good face (and skin and hair and nails, for that matter). Which means in the time of quarantine, she’s an untapped goldmine of amazing beauty products. Lucky for us, she’s sharing the six self-care essentials she just can’t live (or self-isolate) without—from the chic new nail color she’s obsessed with to the secret to her glowing skin and seemingly eternal youth. Prepare to pamper yourself, Macy style.

Just because we’re inside, doesn’t mean we can’t still rise and shine (literally). This nourishing almond-infused oil leaves skin smooth and silky with a subtle golden sheen thanks to a touch of biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter.

Want to up your game for your next Facetime sesh? Macy swears by these natural magnetic eyelashes to give your eyes a little more oomph. Best of all, they don’t require any glue to get on and off—so no sticky mishaps, guaranteed.

Fact: we all have enough on our plates without also having to worry about breakouts. This active serum harnesses the purifying and antiseptic properties of black cumin oil and cajeput to control the spread of breakout-causing bacteria, leaving you with smooth, blemish free skin.

Feeling fatigued from all the screen time? Us too. This ice roller alleviates tiredness, prevents wrinkles, calms skin, shrinks pores, reduces puffiness and relieves sore muscles and headaches. Basically, it does everything but your laundry.

Context’s nail lacquers are 100% vegan, non-toxic, and free of Formaldehyde, aka the best polish for maintaining good nail health. Macy loves this chic mauvish pink shade, not just because the name feels very appropriate right now—“Slow Down”.

Want to know what gives Macy her glow? This super-charged mask is infused with 66% Kudzu Root (also known as the “Forever Young Plant”), which powerfully combats the appearance of wrinkles, plus Grape Seed Extract to soften and brighten skin. Pop one of these babies on before your next Zoom hang and wait for the compliments to roll in.