Nicole Scherzinger and Meghan Trainor Reminisce About Their Craziest Night Pre-Quarantine

May 14, 2020 • NOW//with

With nowhere to go and no one to see, it’s a great time to reflect. FaceTime a friend, set up a Zoom call, or write a letter to a loved one and look back on a time before the stay-at-home order, when we were all permitted, nay, encouraged to gallivant in public places. For Nicole Scherzinger and Meghan Trainor, that night in question was a Weeknd concert (remember live shows?). 

During a happy hour sesh over FaceTime, The Masked Singer host and “Nice to Meet Ya” singer gabbed and gossiped about life in quarantine, including Scherzinger filming her singing game show from home, and the concert in question, and we were lucky enough to be a fly on the wall. “I don’t remember that night,” Scherzinger says jokingly in the above clip, as she sips a cocktail. Trainor replies, “Tequila was our best friend that night.” 

As the story goes, Trainor approached Scherzinger and revealed she’s obsessed with her, and the two subsequently danced all night along with Trainor’s brother. On the way home, Trainor says, she played “Buttons” in the car and proudly declared to her brother that they had met a music legend. The rest, as they say, is history. To document the retelling, Scherzinger snaps a Polaroid of Trainor (on a screen, natch) as a nod to these truly wild times.

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